How hot, does Arizona really get?

Arizona gets a pretty bad reputation when it comes to the heat.  Arizona for 9 months out of the year is the best place on the planet. It has amazing blue Sky’s, perfect temps and mild weather patterns that people who don’t live here only dream of.

Right now Arizona’s 5 day forecast is 86 degrees during the day and at night it gets down to around 50 degrees.

The three months that we do experience 100+ degree weather, you will find that the locals do learn how to cope. If you have a pool, learn how to park in the shade, and have air conditioning, you will be fine. I actually dont even use a pool until its at least 90′s or up, because it’s almost too chilly.

When it comes to doing things outside…you just need to do them early in the morning, or in the evenings, when the sun goes down. You start to see people walking their dogs, jogging, golfing, riding their bikes and working out more at dawn or dusk. Of course I would’nt recomend you hike Camelback at Noon in July.

Most of us go to work from our air conditioned homes, to our air conditioned cars, and then to our air conditioned buildings. So for those who work indoors…you may not even notice the temps outside at all.

If you are considering moving out here and you are not sure about the heat, I have to say you truly get used to it.  I moved out here from Washington, DC and originally I am from Wyoming, so I know cold and I would take 110 degree sunny days over -10 dark cold days everytime.

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  1. Brian May 14, 2009 at 10:04 am #

    Rachel…your so right on. It’s 100 degrees out now, and even with a mild wind, its almost still too breezy cold to use our Pool. My wife wont even go in it, unless the Pool Temp is 85 or up. Its 80 now.

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