Fountain Hills, AZ Snake Season

Fountain Hills, AZ Snake, Bee and Critter Season


Temperatures in Fountain Hills and the “Valley of the Sun” are pushing 90 degrees. This brings the return of some of our not so wanted visitors, Snakes, Scorpions and Bees. Yes bees! These vital workers are Africanized in Arizona and need to be treated with respect. With a little caution we can all get along in the Desert. This link is to the Phoenix Fire Departments Advisory on what to do should you encounter any of them.

Some of the best advise I can give you is if you should encounter a Rattle Snake, don’t try to remove it yourself. That’s how most bites occur and a typical venomous snake bit requiring anti-venom costs around $100k. You’d be better off investing in Fountain Hills Real Estate and a whole lot happier. If your out hiking or camping just give them some room.

If attacked by Bees…run!  You need to put around 3 blocks between you and them.

Scorpions, Black Widows are best controlled by regular treatments and Desert Proofing your home. Use a Licensed Professional. BTW Scorpions glow under a blacklight.

Keep your yard clean and free of anything that might encourage rodents. That includes picking your ripe citrus this time of year which is a favorite of our roof rat. Look before you reach or step. Remember Rattlers are cold blooded and in the cool evenings will seek a warmer place. That might be by your front door!

OK I’ve scared the daylights out of you but I’ve lived in Fountain Hills since 1972 and I’ve never been bitten, stung or attacked by bees.


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